Chris Musina

March 29th - June 1st, 2019

Chris Musina’s solo exhibition, Paradise, explores the fine line of self-awareness that exists between humanity and other species in the animal kingdom. Musina’s new representational oil paintings are a slight departure from his previous work with the human element looming larger. These tropically-set paintings, while straightforward at first glance, convey an undercurrent of ill-ease suggesting the deep ambivalence present in the conundrum of human consciousness. These paradises take on the blown-out flip flop not merely as an existential crises for the self but for humanity as a whole. Musina imbues these dark ruminations with humor as a means to not only cope with the odd reality of human existence, but also to address the absurdity of ever fully comprehending the human-animal relationship.  The vacation is over. Welcome to Paradise.